Daidoji Heizo

Hotaru's oldest son, a student at Ookami Toshi


Heizo is a vigorous youth. Much to his chagrin, he takes after his mother, with his large thoughtful eyes, kinky hair, and cleft chin. Though not full grown, it appears that Heizo will be a strong, husky young man.


Heizo is the oldest son of Daidoji Hotaru. By the time he was old enoguh to walk and talk Turtledove Province had fallen into hard times. With very few samurai in the province to interact with (and absolutely no children) Heizo found companionship among his peasant cousins, merchant followers, and monks.

Heizo learned to read and write from the monks at Somatsu Temple, and the basics of samurai comportment from his father. When Hotaru’s duties became more intense, Heizo was tutored in kenjutsu by Kato, a local ronin sensei.

Now Heizo is at the Daidoji Training Grounds, following in his father’s footsteps by attending the Daidoji bushi school. His admittance to the school was a favor from his lord, Doji Masuhiro, who in turn had to call in a favor from a Taisa at the grounds.

Daidoji Heizo

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