Daidoji Shimoda

Ambitious young magistrate of Cold Wind Village


Fit, healthy, and possessed of a bright, youthful face, Shimoda is often mistaken for being much younger than her 24 years. A Daidoji through and through, Shimoda has a compact build and an easy athleticism, not to mention an eager energy. She wears the standard outfit of a Daidoji infantryman (light armor in a neutral blue) and wears a white headband to keep her hair out of her eyes.


Shimoda was born outside of Ookami Toshi (Wolf City). A born volunteer, her parents had a hard time keeping her out of trouble, as she would constantly seek ways to challenge herself, physically and mentally. She joined the Daidoji BUshi School at her earliest opportunity, and finished a year early, graduating to the position of yoriki for a military magistrate in her home city. Though Shimoda threw herself into her duties with gusto, she sadly disagreed with her superior on the appropriate rate of promotion, and after a few years started seeking a more prestigious position.

A merchant acquaintance (Maiya, the captain of Benten’s Twins) provided her that opportunity by pointing Shimoda towards Cold Wind Village, and the position of magistrate that had opened there. Though she was to compete with two other qualified candidates, Shimoda’s combination of honor, integrity, and knowledge overcame her lack of experience and she eventually swore fealty to Lord Masuhiro.

Shimoda has had trouble with her position since then, as the problems facing Cold Wind Village, a merchant port, were must different from those of Ookami Toshi, a military city. With few resources to draw upon, and even fewer trustworthy subordinates, Shimoda has struggled in her new position, but has refused to give in to cynicism.

Daidoji Shimoda

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