Daidoji Hotaru

Border guard and magistrate of Twin Necks village


Hotaru is a stocky bushi of just over thirty. His round face is tanned by many hours out of doors, and he has a trim black mustache that he tends to fuss over. Hotaru walks slowly, and his quick eyes are often in motion. Known for his affable demeanor, he is respected by the peasant warriors that make up his command, and popular with the farmers, merchants, and monks that live in Twin Necks Village. Hotaru is always humble and deferential, though he has limited skill in courtly manners.


Hotaru is the oldest son of the overseer of a small village in southern Daidoji lands. He grew up poor, but his good health and sound mind were enough to secure him a place in the Daidoji bushi school. Early on Hotaru discovered his own contented nature (in stark contrast to his motivated, ambitious fellows) and he happily toiled away in the Second Daidoji Army for a decade, gaining promotion to gunso more by inertia than intent.

Hotaru resigned from the Second Army in his early twenties, following an upsetting event that he prefers not to speak of. At the time, Daidoji Gihei was calling for samurai to fill the ranks of his flagging administration, and Hotaru was happy to sign on. While the other samurai sought as glorious and highly-ranked positions as possible, Hotaru took on the position of yoriki to the magistrate of Twin Necks Village. As if to secure his position of a low-level officer with no promotion potential, Hotaru married a peasant girl the following year.

As Gihei’s administration began to crumble and samurai started leaving his service, Hotaru doggedly stayed on. He took on more and more of his disinterested superior’s duties, until when the magistrate finally left for another province, Hotaru only had to get used to the title. As lord Gihei’s health declined and chaos crept into Turtledove province, Hotaru remained stedfast, doing his duty to the best of his ability.

Since the arrival of Doji Masuhiro, Hotaru has proven himself to be a capable and reliable officer. He continues in his role as magistrate of Twin Necks village, but his expanded staff of bushi and assistants has greatly increased the scope and efficacy of his duties.

Hotaru has three sons; Heizo, Benjiro, and Toro. His brother, Kobu, is captain of the guard at Iyashii castle.

Daidoji Hotaru

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